All About Cycling

Cycling can be defined as the use of bicycles, also called bikes, as a mode of transport, for recreation, sporting or fitness purposes. The word is also synonymous with tricycles, unicycles, Quadra cycles and human powered vehicles (HPV). We explore why people cycle and the benefits that accrue from their use.

Benefits of cycling

Cycling is an environmentally friendly mode of transport since they do not utilise any form of fuel and therefore do not emit waste into the environment. In addition to this, they are budget friendly - owing to the fact that they do not need fuel, have cheaper or free parking facilities and are easy and cheap to maintain-for individuals who may have budgetary constraints. High initial capital is not necessary since there are different sell my bicycle groups where second hand bikes can be acquired.

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To a city, cycling is a great strategy for reducing road congestion and therefore reduce the waste of resources as a result of extensive traffic snarl ups. In addition, bikes have very minimal impact on roads and paths and subsequently lower the cost of maintaining roads and paths for the city. With bicycles there is less noise pollution, a factor that could play a great role in attracting different types of people to the city.

Cycling has immense health benefits since they enhance physical activity of the body. People who cycle regularly are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular and sedentary lifestyle diseases and have greater mental clarity and health. Cycling can also be utilised for the rehabilitation of injured limbs after surgery.

Who would go cycling?

Infants, children, adults and even the elderly have the ability to cycle so long as they are mentally fit and have the physical ability to engage in cycling. Cycling is universally available to people across genders, ethnicities, social status, upbringings and any other categorisation.

Where do people go cycling?

The location is determined by the reason behind the activity. For example, those who use cycling as a mode of transport usually cycle on the cycling tracks installed next to major roads while those who use it as a fitness strategy will cycle in parks and in gyms. Roads can also be used for major cycling competitions and events.

In the United Kingdom, there are specially designed tracks and places where people can cycle at any time of the day. Cycling is also popular in schools and among school and college going individuals who can use it as a cheap way to commute to and from their schools and campuses.

What are popular types of bicycles?

The type of bicycle used is synonymous with the type of cycling or place where the individual goes to cycle. There are trail bikes which are good for trail biking, mountain bikes that can be used for off-road biking adventures, road bikes that can be used on normal city roads, comfort bikes that are designed to enhance the comfort of the user and hybrid bikes that combine the characteristics of mountain and comfort bikes.

Biking can be done as a hobby or out of necessity. However, having the right bike and cycling gear is important in enhancing the experience. Besides this, it is great to read and understand the law with respect to the use of bikes in different areas to avert legal issues.